We are  an Arabic company that seeks through its accumulated experiences to offer a wide range of advanced solutions, which aims to support small and mid-range  organizations  in presenting their  services and in the development of their procedures provided to their beneficiaries, in addition to supporting the beneficiaries of  these  institutions through the provision of innovative information environment and smart solutions professionally working to maximize the interest provided to them so as to ensure the achievement of the objectives pursued by those institutions.

As we believe in the importance of the role technology is playing in the development of various institutions administration and their services, we are derived to offer smart solutions that ensure the precision and quality of Business besides being compatible to the needs of these institutions. Our Integrated service is distinguished by its ability to expand and enlarge directly proportional to your business workflow and also to your future development plans.


We seek to provide an integrated information environment to support various institutions in improving the services provided to their beneficiaries through a range of smart solutions.


Technology is the development’s fuel and the backbone of modern administration.

We offer a wide range of Smart solutions that serve all institutions and Companies:

Institutions Management Solutions:

Providing innovative integrated solutions for the management of all the processes and procedures of the organizations in order to ensure the control and development of their workflow.

Within the single interface for managing all of your institution’s Operations lies the power of integration to help institution to deliver enriched experience for the services presented to its clients.

E-learning Management Solutions:

We always seek to support the educational process through the educational institutions or through qualifying and training of employees at factories and companies; by providing a supportive environment for the process of e-learning and blended education which ensures the institution to communicate with their beneficiaries and freeing of the studying process from within the walls of the classroom to the spaciousness of the virtual world.

Library management solutions:

We are qualified to be the best partner for libraries and information centers that seek development and quality of business as well as localization, we provide libraries with the full array of vendor services including installation, migration assistance, data integrity testing, staff training, software maintenance, and development of new features.

The many support options for Koha demonstrate the strength of the open-source development model. Because Koha is a distributed open-source product, support options are not limited to what is provided by a single vendor. In fact, an important part of the open-source promise is that there is no vendor lock-in. Libraries are free to support the product in-house or obtain help from a support company .

Digital libraries solutions:

DSpace is considered as one of the most reliable Solutions for managing digital collections in which we provide for your library and in addition to D-space basic features; our customized version of D-space support integration back and forth between your library system and D-space so as to gather it in a single interface easing the management of both digital and ordinary library.

Linux installation and maintenance services:

We offer a team of Linux administrators to support your Servers in addition to the availability of choosing between various technical support levels which is appropriate to you, We also provide an advisory services to check the architecture of your own servers and planning for future development of your workflow.

Data-conversion Services:

We offer data conversion back and forth between various of global systems and standard’s formats and with the dedicated hard work of our team of experts we ensure a safe data conversion process (MARC 21 ,Dublin core , XML,… etc)