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Cloud servers
Or hosting service for information systems
Implement a strategy
Architectural improvement
Enterprise informatics
Definition of software
Open source
Transform, analyze and process
Big data
Installing and operating the management system
Integrated institutions ERPNext
Optimization and development of the Koha management system
Knowledge resources, libraries and information centers
Installing and operating the Moodle system for education
Electronic and exams via the Internet
Installation and commissioning of the Despias system
Management of electronic resources and libraries
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Introducing Adrle

who are we

adrle is a company specialized in providing knowledge and learning resource management systems and integrated enterprise management systems through a distinguished group of open source software

Our visions

The company seeks to introduce the Arab community to the features of open source software that are internationally reliable as a more advanced and less expensive alternative through accumulated experiences of more than nineteen years

Our mission

Improving the corporate information architecture through a set of services provided by ADRLY, which distinguishes it from others

What always makes us unique

  • All solutions provided are open source
  • There is no charge for the usage license
  • Apply the latest project management mechanisms
  • Flexible financial plans according to the client's financial capabilities
  • The possibility of providing services from more than one supplier
  • Access data from any device connected to the Internet
  • Availability 24/7 all the time
  • High data security from major global hosting companies
  • Great flexibility in adding or deleting a user
  • Ease of use overall
  • Flexibility to customize and configure according to client needs
  • The possibility of continuous development of the system to add new features
  • Continuous training in mastering the use of the provided systems
  • Continuous technical support and management of the systems provided for the customer

The distinguished services that we provide


Kaizens: It is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement. The term consists of two parts - Kai which means change and Zen, which means for the better, where the term means change for the better or better, improvement in all respects, so that all workers participate in the improvement process and on All managerial levels, regardless of their job positions, from senior management to the cleaning agent in the company. more

Apply a strategy Kaizen

This is done by introducing small and continuous training improvements to products, services and processes, which reduce costs, reduce waste and waste of resources, increase the rate of productivity and activate the optimal use of financial resources without the need to allocate new investments and resources, which is the methodology created by the Japanese miracle that can be used in Resource limited conditions. more

Cloud servers

Cloud server services or hosting service for information systems through a group of the latest servers around the world. Adderley Integrated Solutions provides a software service as a remote service (SAAS) in order to ensure that the servers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in a way that ensures uninterrupted work for our customers. The company also provides technical support for operating systems and all software related to them to ensure our customers the best service and lowest cost in addition to the possibility of expanding the specifications of the devices and services provided at any time according to the nature of work for the customer and according to his needs. more

Improving informatics architecture

Services to improve the information architecture of institutions by improving methods of obtaining information, methods of preserving, organizing and analyzing information, methods of redistributing and making use of information and methods of transferring information to additional sources of income. more

Massive data conversion, analysis and processing

Public Adjustments to Big Data. Transferring bibliographic data to and from MARC standard. Analyzing bibliographic records and creating all indexes and thesaurus. Analyzing raw data, extracting statistics and information to support decision-making.more

Definition of open source software

Introducing open source software services as an effective alternative to closed source software. Preference between suppliers of this type, methods of contracting with them, ways to benefit from them, and ways to make the most of this software.more

The systems are open source that we offer

Koha knowledge resource management system

Services for installing and operating a Koha system for managing knowledge resources, libraries and information centers with training, modifying system interfaces, and developing new features and reports on the system. more

Integrated management system ERPNext

ERPNext installation and commissioning services With training, development of new features and reports on the system and management consulting more

DSpace electronic resource management system

Installation and commissioning services for the Despias system for managing electronic resources, libraries, museums and digital warehouses with training, modification of system interfaces, development of new features and reports on the system .more

Moodle e-learning system

Installation and commissioning services for Moodle e-learning system. And examinations through the Internet with training, modification of system interfaces, and development of new features and reports on the system.more

Our success partners

In view of the company's continuous development and the company's endeavor to provide effective integrated solutions, cooperation has been made with Asia Company for Library Services in the framework of providing employment and employment services for the library, furniture and equipment sector, providing and managing indexing teams, data entry and digital transformation of all types of information containers, publications, video tapes or cassettes. more

Also, within the framework of the company's endeavor to provide integrated and reliable solutions, cooperation has been made with RFID Egypt in the framework of linking electronic identification (RFID) solutions with integrated library and institutional management systems within the framework of security gates services, automatic inventory, self-services, smart cards, attendance and departure registration. more

The work team and its accumulated experiences

M /Ashraf Barzy

Executive director and founder of the company, more than 19 years of experience in the fields of information technology, systems application, and methods of improving information architecture within educational institutions

M /Mohamed Khalaf

Financial and Administrative Director with more than 17 years of experience in logistical support in the Nahdi Pharmacies Group and the Health House in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

M /Amin Ahmed Amin

In charge of the library and technical support sector, more than 18 years of experience in the management systems of libraries, universities and student affairs.

M /Essam Al-Tawansi

Enterprise Systems Development Consultant BA in Commerce and Accounting 1982 Ain Shams University and his ink for more than 20 years

The company's business in the sector of knowledge and education resource management

The company's business In the integrated management system sector ERPNext