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Definition of the integrated management system ERPNext

ERPNext is one of the most popular open source integrated management systems available in the global market. Its development was started in 2000 in India by the Web Note Company to become a life in the global market with more than 19 years of accumulated experience gathered from more than 3000 institutions in more than 150 countries.

Advantages of the integrated management system ERPNext

  • Register and manage suppliers with all their data, accounts and payments

  • Managing the procurement process in all its steps, whether for services or products, price lists and supply orders

  • Create and follow up all types of invoices, payments, and their due dates, whether for purchases or sales

  • Managing stores, personal custody, inventories, inventory movements and balances in real time

  • Managing manufacturing and production processes and linking them to sales, purchases, stores, stages and cost of production

  • Managing and improving marketing processes for all products and services and managing marketing campaigns

  • Managing sales operations in all its steps and creating and following up quotations for services and products

  • A mobile application through which you can do all of the above and more through your phone anywhere and anytime

  • You can only turn on the system capabilities you want

  • Human resources management, recruitment processes, salaries, attendance, departure and promotions
  • Managing the tasks assigned to the employees and following-up the completed and discontinued ones and the capabilities of analyzing the job performance

  • Managing projects, tasks, timelines, and project budgets

  • Account management and financial analysis integrated with all other departments

  • Managing and operating all internal and external correspondence and archiving all types of files

  • Managing technical support operations, periodic maintenance, alerts and asset management and depreciations

  • Management of contracting companies and engineering projects

  • Managing users and customers and answering their inquiries -CRM

  • Managing crops in agricultural lands and all steps of agricultural rotations

  • Management of clinics, medical centers and medical records

  • Student affairs administration and all educational institutions operations

  • Create and manage an enterprise website and link it to your products or services

Services provided by the integrated management system ERPNext

Account management and financial analysis

Easily manage accounts, transactions and taxes with ERPNext

Warehouse and inventory management

Inventory management with hierarchical site tree, item transactions, series and batches

Customer Relationship Management

Track pre-sales process from capturing sales initiatives and tracking open opportunities, emails and calls

Sales management and marketing teams

The selling covers sales processes such as quotations, orders, and delivery tracking

Manage procurement and suppliers

Directly from the material requisition, the supplier is transferred to the purchasing department's purchase orders ERPNext

Human Resource Management

Track leave and attendance, expense claims, payroll, hiring, performance and more

Projects management

Manage projects and tasks with full integration with invoices and cost centers

Technical Support Department

Track customer tickets and issues, maintain server levels and track response and decisions

asset Management

Fixed asset management and tracking with depreciation, asset allocation and movement tracking

Quality Management

Quality management system with procedures, objectives, tracking and review

Department of manufacturing and production lines

Multilevel bill of materials management, planning and tracking of production with work orders

Department of Education and Student Affairs

Manage the entire student life cycle from admission and registration to attendance and evaluation

Healthcare management

track patients and their reports with appointments, consultations, and lab reports

Agricultural activities management

Manage multiple farms, crops, growth cycles, crop diseases and much more

Non-profit association management

Keep track of your non-profit members, memberships, volunteers, and grants

Management of restaurants and hotels

Manage multiple restaurants and hotels with table and room reservation